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Tuesday, April 12, 2016
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You know Mother's Day is coming!

If you do nothing else this year, get extended family photos. No excuse beats having those precious memories.

For a limited time I'm offering $100 off my Generation sessions. Each session is built to suit your family and includes large and small groupings. Schedule today: 803-242-1197 or

Check out a few images from a recent session:

Here's why it's important:

We have a pretty large extended family on my husband's side of the family. My husband is the oldest of three and between all of us there are 7 grandchildren and 1 great grand child. Over the years, there were always excuses as to why not to do portraits. Some of the kids were out of town, some of the adults needed/wanted to lose a few pounds, etc. You know how it goes. Occassionally I was able to gather them for a snapshot at a few family gatherings, and for that I am grateful, but I never was able to coordinate them for a full extended family session. Then last July, my failure as a photographer became utterly apparent. My father-in-law passed away. I will never forgive myself for not getting the family photos I wanted.

Schedule today: 803-242-1197 or

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