The Groome’s Place – A Black and White Wedding Photography Project
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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I met my sweet friend Lindsey through our mutual love of photography. We got to know each other better when I designed and printed her custom wedding invitations.

I’d been mulling over the idea of photographing a wedding completely, in camera, in black and white. I wanted to push myself. To see if it would challenge me to see differently, if I would think differently, react differently…. so I asked Lindsey’s photographer and our friend, Rachel if I could tag along as a fly on the wall and shoot…. I didn’t know what the outcome would be, and asked Rachel not to expect my usual awesomesauce…. Well, I have to say they turned out terrific! Fantastic! Dreamy and romantic! A completely different look than my color photography and that's okay. 

The wedding was at a sweet little location called The Groome’s Place. The day was perfect. The ornamental pear trees were in full bloom and the weather was wonderful. There were tons of DIY wedding details all executed to perfection. You would have never known that the bride spent countless months putting all the little touches together all by herself.

These are the custom invitations I created just for her.

I got goosebumps… at the First Look…The emotions here are so sweet and real!

I love that she engraved his ring… “I Love You Most”! It actually made me tear up…maybe because I engraved my husband’s wedding band, too….. His says “Bigger than the Sky”!

Now to see this wedding in full color, head over to Rachel’s blog post here.

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