Lake Lure Inn & Spa Wedding - North Carolina Wedding Photographer
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Thursday, February 13, 2014
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I can’t believe how much fun this wedding was to photograph in North Carolina. So much character and beauty everywhere. I could photograph 100 weddings here. This was a beautiful summer wedding at Lake Lure Inn & Spa. The bridesmaids looked so lovely and fun in their colorful jewelry, carrying matching bouquets.

Every once in a while you just have to sit back and laugh at yourself. I mean, what’s the fun in living if you take yourself too seriously. I was second shooting this wedding with the ever fabulous Kelli at YAH Photography and kept feeling like I’d seen this location before. Maybe not the ACTUAL location, but at least something similar. As the night went on, the feeling was so strong. I just couldn’t shake it. Then it hit me, it felt/looked like a location from the movie Dirty Dancing. When the reception got going, the DJ started playing the theme song from the movie, and I just about fell over. It was one of those Twilight Zone moments (cue theme music). As we are packing up to go, I start telling Kelli about it. She busted out laughing. Apparently, the lake is the location where the lake jump part of Dirty Dancing was filmed. I think I need to beat Kelli with a noodle for not filling me in on this bit of information.

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