Kelly + Joe: Lake Norman Engagement
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017
By PhotosbyJeni
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Love on Lake Norman

Their story began in March of 2012 when Kelly got her first job in Charlotte at the same catering company that Joe works for. They became friends and after a few short months Joe began to ask Kelly out on dates. After countless rejections she finally gave in. Not wanting anything serious because she was leaving for a 3 month venture in France, they started dating. In December Kelly left for her internship and Joe told Kelly he was going to come visit her in January. And he did! They spent 10 days traveling southern France and the first I love you was shared.

And then...

In December of 2015 long hours at work were making date nights a rarity.

The couple was planning a trip to Kentucky to spend Christmas with Kelly's family. They decided to celebrate their Christmas before they left.

The night began with Kelly coming home late from work to dinner already set on the table. Apologetic she hurriedly jumped in the shower and threw herself together so the two of them could enjoy their christmas celebration. Joe made a beautiful dinner and they exchanged gifts, one of Joes gifts being a giant box of cereal (anyone who knows him know it was a great gift). Joe left the room and said he had one more gift for her, this gift was not a christmas present though. He returns to the room with a small box. Kelly in disbelief begins to cry and asks before giving her response "...but did you ask my dad already?". He said that he had and she said YES!

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