Katie & Dex - Johnson Carriage House, Mooresville Engagement Photography
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Sunday, June 22, 2014
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Sometimes I think my humor may be a bit ‘off’… because sometimes I think something is absolutely hilarious and all I hear around me are crickets… and then other times everyone around me could be laughing their heads off, and I’m standing there like “WHAT?”

This amazing couple made me feel so comfortable being myself and I think they had a pretty good time as well. Katie was referred to me by her matchmaking sister, Christie who asked my sweet friend and client, Nancy (You might remember Nancy from her maternityand newborn session.)  Christie actually set Dex and Katie up. I’m telling you she is a fabulous matchmaker!! Katie contacted me and we chatted like we’d been friends since childhood. She has such a wonderful, fun personality. I love that we clicked so well, and she booked me for their May 2015 wedding.

We planned their engagement session to take place at the Johnson Carriage House and Meadows in Mooresville. I hadn’t heard of this location before and was excited to see it. It is a lovely working horse farm with amazing facilities for a very elegant event. The entire landscape has so many opportunities for beautiful photos. I could have spent HOURS there with these two.

Oh I could go on for hours, instead let’s get to the good stuff….. I love happy couples and Katie and Dex are definitely that… Happy!

Look at Dex! He is such a cut up!

It’s pretty awesome when clients have a great time! It really makes my day when Katie sends me a text… because she’s so much fun… and she keeps gushing over this session and how fabulous they are! I keep trying to tell her, it’s because they are so awesome! Don’t you agree?!

I can’t believe I have to wait an entire year to photograph their wedding! I just don’t know if I can stand it!!

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