Glencairn Garden Engagement Session: Missy + Andrew
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By PhotosbyJeni
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Andrew + Missy

These two are my kind of people. Our love of animals and no BS meant we were going to have a great time. From the first phone call to the 2 hour consultation that was more like hanging out with friends, I just knew we clicked. Oh and did I mention, they are animal lovers too? Winner, winner chicken dinner. :)

But you didn't come here for that... You came to see these beautiful images.

Here's a little on how they met and how he proposed in their words...

"...Then, a week or two later, Missy had a surgery. Fjoard sent her numerous texts wishing her well. It was sweet. After Missy recovered from the anesthesia, she checked her phone and saw Fjoard had asked her on a date. She responded that she would love to go on a date, but since she was still recovering, could they just take a walk at Freedom Park with her dog, Maddie? Fjoard said of course. Missy added she would be wearing sweatpants. Fjoard said he would as well. Missy continued and said she would also not be wearing makeup. Fjoard said he supposed he could leave his makeup off for the date, as well. That's when Missy was hooked.

*I don't know where this nickname came from. I guess just from the Fjords in Norway. But it's stuck. The correct pronunciation includes sounding out the "j". Like "fa-jord".

The Proposal

Missy and Fjoard had been talking about going to Crowders Mountain since their very first date, but somehow it never seemed to work out. Fjoard decided that Crowders would be the perfect place for a proposal, so he started planning.

Turns out getting to Crowders was no easy task; it was either too hot, the Panthers were playing, or they were both just too tired. Finally, one Saturday night Fjoard suggested they go to Crowders the next morning, but Missy only wanted to go if her friend Whitney would go!

Luckily Fjoard had informed Whitney of his plan to propose, so she agreed to go, but backed out "unexpectedly" at the last minute. Whitney also was kind enough to provide Fjoard with a bottle of wine and some plastic wine glasses as he had forgotten that he couldn't buy alcohol until Noon on Sundays.

Hiking to the top with their dogs Maddie and Murray was no easy task, either. Maddie (who is slightly overweight for those of you who do not know) struggled on the hike and there was even doubt at one point that they would make it to the Pinnacle.

After a few encouraging words from Fjoard, Maddie pushed herself until they reached the very top. There they had a nice picnic with wine (which they weren't allowed to have in a state park, what rebels) and enjoyed each other's company and the spectacular views. Fjoard carefully tied the ring around Maddie's neck while Missy wasn't looking, and sent Maddie back to Missy*. As soon as she discovered the ribbon, he got down on one knee and proposed.

*Maddie and Fjoard had many talks about the proposal. Fjoard had shown the ring to Maddie beforehand, and she burped at it, then tried to eat it. He also practiced tying the ring around her neck with a ribbon, and Maddie kept trying to take a nap. Also, Maddie thought SHE was proposing to Missy, (I mean, she was the one with the ring, after all. And she loves Missy.) so she did not speak to Fjoard for about a week after the proposal. Then he gave her a snack, and she forgot she was ever mad.

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