DANI + ERIC : Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Surpise Proposal - Jeni Buchanan Photography
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Tuesday, August 02, 2016
By PhotosbyJeni
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Sometimes you just know it's right, even if it takes a while to make it happen. Eric and Dani knew each other for a few years and Dani had a huge crush on this tall handsome fella. They were even both in the same service fraternity. Timing just wasn't right in the beginning. But eventually the stars aligned, the angels came together and sang their song and they started dating.

Fast forward. They had talked about getting married. Her mom had even given her a diamond solitaire for an engagement ring, but the moment hadn't happened yet. When Eric knew it was time, he was smart and sneaky... he purchased a fake diamond to put in the jewelry box so Dani wouldn't notice it missing. It's a good thing too because the night before his proposal she pulled out the 'diamond' to look at it and Eric got nervous wondering if she would notice it wasn't real.

He planned everything so perfectly. He lost a bet with Dani and her prize was for him to plan a date... So into planning mode he went. He found a beautiful location. I mean, who doesn't just ADORE Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. He called me from the DSBG preferred vendor list and we discussed the perfect location in the gardens and swapped photos and ideas on how to make it happen without Dani realizing that it was a proposal or that she was being photographed until after she said "I DO!"

He opted to propose in the Orchid Conservatory which is absolutely gorgeous all around. When he dropped to one knee, Dani thought he was kidding and kept saying no, laughing. Remember she had just looked at the diamond the night before. Seeing the joy and surprise made my heart skip a beat. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.... This stuff seriously makes me tear up... Every single time!!

After he explained that he had asked me along to photograph, we started the mini-engagement that I include in all my proposal sessions. There's no more raw, happy moment than right when she says YES, so we take advantage of that. All of my couples LOVE it! They all tell me how comfortable they feel and how smooth it goes when we do it this way. That makes my heart happy.

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Ashley - This is very sweet. I really admire the detailed shots and these moments captured! Also, in LOVE with the story behind this session! Thank you for sharing!