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Tuesday, July 19, 2016
By PhotosbyJeni
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Angela + Jason's Uptown Engagement Session

Angela became my soul sister when she told me how she and Jason met.... We'll call it one of my famous Lucy moments....

Jason and I met through a mutual friend's party. I had seen his picture before he showed up, and thought he was absolutely GORGEOUS. So you can imagine I was pretty nervous when he actually showed up. I tried to act natural and not freak out when he got there.. I stood in the kitchen with a Dr. Pepper soda and tried to lean on the counter and be all cool. However, that plan backfired on me because when he walked in the door I proceeded to open the soda, and it EXPLODED everywhere. All over the counters, floor, and me. He helped me clean it up after he told me that I "missed a spot." But it was all history from there!

I can't imagine a more perfect session than theirs. We started off at the Time Warner Cable arena and after a little basketball, we headed to the EpiCenter with lots of fun stops along the way.


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