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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Wow, today's observation comes straight from the heart. They all do really, but this one stung when I told my husband about it many years after I had the thought.

Observation #5

What did I get myself into? 

So, remember I told you that I had been married before? Well what I didn't tell you is that I went from being a baby, to getting married and having a baby. Then 2 years later, we divorced, and after dating my now husband for about a year, we got married. There was no alone adult time for me. I basically went straight from being a kid to being a parent and wife with no in between.

When hubby and I got married, I almost made that same mistake I made for Observation #1. Only it wasn't really my hubby I wanted to change, it was life. I somehow expected things to be easy because it was us, instead of just me. Six months into our marriage, I broke down one day while my darling husband was either at work or fishing, and said literally "What did I get myself into?" I mean, money was tight, I didn't have a great job, and I still had to deal with the same old problems I was dealing with before marriage.

Luckily I realized quickly that not every day is going to be fabulous, candy coated, silver lined clouds of rainbows. But at the end of the day, it was better because we are a couple and we get through it together.

Don't ever feel alone if you find yourself thinking 'what did I get myself into?'. Just realize it's human. I can imagine most every couple through history has had some sort of similar thought at some point. Just take a breath and remember life is better because you are together.

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